This blog is dedicated to digital technology and all the human implications related to it, such as philosophy and psychology of new media.

As the digital world become so hyperconnected and dynamic, it’s no surprise that we will see more of a sharing between disciplines of philosophy, neuroscience, physics, psychology and technology for solving complex problems and overcoming common challenges.

In fact, trans or interdisciplinary science should be applied to management with integrating multidisciplinary methodology, it enables leaders to frame bigger thinking boxes, and approach problems via multi-faceted way technically, scientifically and culturally.

About Dan Pejeroni

Digital Strategist / Digital Sociologist | CyberLogic founder | former Network Architect

Networking expert and consultant of the major Italian companies, in the late ’80s he has been one of the pioneers of the Internet and the Italian Web. In 1993, I carried out the first Cern HTTP Server porting on Unix SystemV.

In 1994, he founded Cyberlogic Communication, a web agency specializing in R&D of high-profile portals and web applications. In five years of operation, the company has developed solutions for several important customers such as: Società Autostrade (the main Italian motorways), Banca Popolare di Novara, European Agency (the Nabucco project), AIPA, Net Research.

In 1996 for Unisys Corporation, he designed and developed Enterprise Multimedia Management, a Multimedia CMS (Content Management System).
He cooperated with leading U.S. Internet Service Provider (Earthlink Network, Pasadena, CA; FortuneCity, New York, The Globe, New York; Lycos, Tripod and Angelfire, Waltham, MA; Xoom, San Francisco, CA; Go2Net, Seattle, WA ) for the development of an innovative JavaScript application to support the users editing of personal web content.

In 1999, for NetResearch, he designed and developed Fuoricorso, the first Italian network dedicated to colleges and university, Certainly one of the world’s first social networks.

In 2013 for CADIT, he designed and developed Intelligo, an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) massively multilingual, for the Semantic Web.

Currently he supports companies and startups on the topics related to Digital Transformation: Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics.